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  • Recently I went to hear a talk by Samantha Power, President Obama’s UN Ambassador and Human Rights Advisor, and it left me thinking, not about foreign policy, genocide and war crimes, but about the ubiquity of plastic water bottles. And about how big changes can — must— begin with small actions. Now back on the […]
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  • As I close the book on the second of my two terms as a city councillor, I’m looking back at the last two years as vice mayor and taking stock of what we accomplished, and what we didn’t. In comparison to my first term (see my 2016-17 recap), this term was both busier and more […]
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  • The public is invited to submit comments on the Tobin Montessori Vassal Lane School project by 12/15. Comments will be posted on the project webpage. There is a recap in Cambridge Day of the 12/2 roundtable presentation on the project during which was the first time most city councillors and school committee members had seen […]
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  • The City of Cambridge is reducing the speed limit to 20mph on most residential streets. This is a Vision Zero initiative I championed. “Addressing concerns of residents discussed on area listservs, vice mayor Jan Devereux added, “Of course, we will need enforcement to put teeth into this desire to slow down drivers – the lack […]
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