Still Advocating… From Home

When I chose not to run for reelection in late 2019, I knew I would want to take a breather from publicly engaging in community issues. Then, just three months after I left office, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and like many others I hunkered down and used the time to reflect. I’ve continued to follow local political debates (and even to watch city council meetings online), and I’ve kept writing both professionally and as a guest contributor to Cambridge Day. And let me just say that during the pandemic, I’ve relied on Cambridge Day to keep me informed on local issues, and I am very grateful to editor Marc Levy and writers Sue Reinert and Tom Meek for their excellent reporting.

Here are some of the opinion pieces I’ve written over the past 18 months:

Support Enhancing Bike Safety & Transit Priority on North Mass Ave, 10/21/21

On a Day of Reflection and Wide-Open Blue Skies, Feeling the Loss of Three Old Oak Trees All the More, 9/11/21

Students at the Tobin VLUS Schools Would Benefit with the Rest of Us from Keeping Stately Oak Trees, 7/27/21

Save More of the Big Tees at Tobin VLUS, 6/21/21

What Ten Weeks as a Contact Tracer Taught Me, 7/5/20

Still Under Construction: A Society Without Bias, 5/14/20

In Lockdown, One of the City’s Largest Open Spaces Remains Hiding in Plain Sight and Kept Off-Limits, 5/3/20

March Madness (and Sadness): A Plague Diary, 4/4/20

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