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The City of Cambridge is reducing the speed limit to 20mph on most residential streets. This is a Vision Zero initiative I championed. “Addressing concerns of residents discussed on area listservs, vice mayor Jan Devereux added, “Of course, we will need enforcement to put teeth into this desire to slow down drivers – the lack of speed enforcement is another complaint I hear often. Automated enforcement by camera could help, and the council is on record in support of [a bill] pending on Beacon Hill.” Read story.

The self-storage developer withdrew his offer to buy the Evolve fitness site: instead the land will be redeveloped as affordable housing. I fought hard to prevent a zoning change to allow the site to be used for storage. This is a big win. “I would be pleased to see the site redeveloped as affordable housing. I never felt that self-storage was appropriate as the primary use for a parcel abutting Danehy Park,” Devereux….But noting that the popular Evolve gym wasn’t included in Bachrach’s press release, she said it was “sad for the community to lose a very popular and relatively affordable fitness center that serves people of all ages and incomes. “The ideal outcome would be to combine housing and fitness in the development, since they are complementary uses needed in the area,” she said.” Read story.

Cambridge considers requiring climate change “warming labels” on gas pumps. This is a change I suggested. “Devereux argues the effect might be subtle, but cumulative. Months or years of reading the labels could make a commuter think twice about driving instead of taking the subway or nudge a consumer toward an electric vehicle the next time they buy a car. “The more you are presented with uncomfortable facts,” she said, “the more it begins to register in your mind that you, as an individual, actually have a responsibility to do what you can.” And if a community like Cambridge successfully adopts the mandate, other cities and towns are likely to follow the lead, she said. “It’s a small thing,” Devereux said. “But, cumulatively, we need to do a lot of small things.” Read story.


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