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  • The City of Cambridge is reducing the speed limit to 20mph on most residential streets. This is a Vision Zero initiative I championed. “Addressing concerns of residents discussed on area listservs, vice mayor Jan Devereux added, “Of course, we will need enforcement to put teeth into this desire to slow down drivers – the lack […]
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  • In Cambridge we talk a good bit about addressing issues from multiple perspectives and seeing challenges through different “lenses,” and yet it seems that this election cycle the only lens some people would have us look through is the Housing Lens. Unquestionably, housing affordability is one of the greatest challenges facing every metro area, but […]
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  • With two more meetings on the 100% Affordable Housing Overlay coming up on Tuesday, 9/3, CDD has just published several new and updated documents that will be discussed by the Ordinance Committee (12pm) and the Planning Board (6:30pm) There are 4 new documents for the Ordinance Committee’s review that may be found on CDD’s webpage […]
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  • This post has been corrected since it was first published. Among the many items on our agenda when the Council holds its next regular meeting on Monday 9/9 will be the New Street Self-Storage Zoning Petition. Some may recall that this petition was originally filed over a year ago, but expired after a quorum snafu […]
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