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  • The City Council will meet on Monday. Oct. 1, 2018, at 5:30pm. The meeting will open as usual with public comment. At 6:30pm the city manager and budget and finance staff will present the only item on city’s agenda: an explanation of the FY19 property tax levy. See CMA #1 below. The requested Council action is […]
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  • We held our annual vote to approve the tax levy at the 10/2 City Council meeting. While tax payments will again remain mostly flat, the total levy ($389M) and property assessments continue to increase in large part because the commercial property tax base has continued to grow, making it possible to keep residential tax bills among the lowest in the state. That's the bargain we've struck. I am quoted in this article: "Councillor Jan Devereux wanted to hear more, considering the 'tremendous amount of political pressure' the city was facing to build more housing, making enough supply that prices remain affordable for people who want to live – and ideally buy – in Cambridge. 'But if we build a whole bunch of housing, we have to build a bunch of commercial too, right? That’s always left unsaid' by proponents, she said. 'I’d really like to see where that takes us in terms of density and population.'”
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  • The agenda for the Cambridge City Council’s meeting on Monday, October 2nd 2017, is posted online. The meeting will be televised and live-streamed, as always. What follows is my summary of the most important items on this week’s agenda: City Manager’s Agenda #1 FY2018 Property Tax Rate: The City Manager has submitted the FY2018 property […]
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  • The Cambridge City Council agenda for Monday, September 26 is online. This will be our last regular meeting with Rich Rossi as city manager; on Thursday, September 29, we will hold a special public meeting at 5:30pm to vote on his successor. Monday’s meeting also includes a sub-hearing, starting at 6:30pm, on the FY17 property […]
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